Multiple students in Avoyelles Parish arrested for allegedly making school threats

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AVOYELLES PARISH, La. (KALB) - UPDATE: According to APSO, two more students from Avoyelles High School have been arrested and are facing terrorism charges for threatening violence at school. The students are 15 and 12 years old.


Original Story:
Six Avoyelles Parish students have been arrested over the last three days, all facing possible terrorism charges.

The sheriff's office tells us two Avoyelles High students, three Bunkie High students, and one LASAS student allegedly threatened fellow classmates at their respective schools.

We're told the first one was an Avoyelles High School student who arrested on Monday after he got in a bit of trouble last Friday.

"Before his suspension started, he made some threatening remarks to students and staff there," explained Sheriff Doug Anderson.

The second one was a student at the Louisiana School for the Agricultural Sciences (LASAS) on Tuesday. He was also threatening violence to fellow classmates.

"The student made some remarks that he was going to bring a gun to school," said Sheriff Anderson. "Shoot some students, 'shoot up the place.'"

On Wednesday, four more were added to that list.

Three of them were at Bunkie High School after students claimed they had a bomb with them. We're told the school resource officer got word, and handled the situation quickly.

The last arrest was another Avoyelles High Student, a 13-year-old who also made threats to other students.

Sheriff Anderson said none of the students were found with any weapons, but they're not taking the threats lightly.

"You have to treat every one seriously," said Sheriff Anderson. "Take the appropriate action. You can't just say 'oh it's just talk' you have to do something about it."

The students could also be facing punishment at school as well.

"You've got to understand that you are responsible for every single thing that comes out of your mouth," said Superintendent Blaine Dauzat. "Every action and every word. And we simply cannot turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to any of this."

Dauzat said they will be harsh and swift with the punishment, and if the allegations are true, the students will not be allowed back on campus.

Ultimately, Dauzat says the safety of every student comes first.

"You know the good of 700 kids on a campus has to come before the good of that one kid,” said Dauzat. “Even though we still want the best for that kid too, we still have to take what he says, or what she says very seriously."

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