A Criminal History: Avoyelles murder suspect arrested multiple times over several decades

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AVOYELLES PARISH, La. (KALB) - A couple of weeks ago we reported on the arrest of Bruce Lachney, after he allegedly beat another man to death in the Brouillette community of Avoyelles Parish.

Source: KALB

Lachney's behind bars for second degree murder, but it's not his first run-in with the law. Multiple sources show Lachney has a lengthy criminal history dating back to the 70s, with arrests in Avoyelles, Rapides, and Sabine Parishes.

Now, you're probably asking, “Why wasn't he behind bars?” Well, aside from his latest charge, all of his past arrests and convictions have been for nonviolent offenses.

The earliest arrests we could find for Lachney were in the early 70s and late 80s; DWI and a couple of drug charges. In 1983, he was convicted of simple burglary and sentenced to three years.

Throughout the 90s he was arrested several more times. A Rapides Parish arrest in 1992 for his third DWI. In 1995 for aggravated assault to which he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 90 days. In 1996 for operating a vehicle under the influence and in 1998 for simple battery to which he pleaded guilty again and was sentenced to 30 days.

In the early 2000s he saw charges of simple battery, simple burglary and theft. In 2003, he was sentenced to 10 years to run concurrently with any previous sentences and with credit for time served.

Jump to 2017 when he was sentenced to 80 days in Sabine Parish for public intimidation. Then in March 2018 he was arrested for resisting an officer and criminal trespassing, and again in April 2018 for simple burglary.

He was serving time for simple assault and disturbing the peace in January of this year when he posted bond on the 21. On January 27, he was arrested one more time for allegedly killing Farrell Graser, the man who paid his bail just six days earlier.

Currently there's no court date set for Bruce Lachney on the arrest of second degree murder.

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