A look at the Tropics with Adam

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Tropical Depression Fiona:
Fiona has been downgraded to a tropical depression Sunday evening. It is encountering drier and more sheared conditions, which will effectively weaken this system out in the region and cause it to drop into a remnant low before affecting the Bermuda island. Bermuda will likely get showers and thunderstorms, but will luckily not have to deal with tropical storm force winds.

This tropical wave is currently located just about 1000 miles east of the Lesser Antilles moving to the northwest around 15-20mph. This system is continuing to have disorganized showers and storms as it moves through the tropical Atlantic due to drier air near the system. At this time, Invest-99L is expected to continue to move through the Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola, and into the southeastern Bahamas throughout the latter half of this week. The strength of this tropical wave is still in question as well, which is why the National Hurricane Center only has a 40% chance of cyclonic development over the next 5-days. Conditions may become conductive of development as it moves through the Hispaniola region, so we will be continuing to monitor this system closely.

The third tropical development we are watching just came off the African coast and is about 250 miles south-southeast of the Cabo Verde Islands. This tropical wave is more organized and producing a larger area of showers and thunderstorms across this region as well. Environmental conditions are favorable for further development into a tropical depression within a day or two as it moves westward. The National Hurricane Center has an 80% chance of cyclonic development within the next 48 hours and a 90% chance of development within the next five days. Once this system strengthens into a tropical storm it will be known as Gaston.

We will be continuing to watch these systems in the Atlantic and bring you the latest updates as new data comes in. Still no need for any worry, but it is important to keep checking back in for the latest information from your trusted First Alert Weather Team.