A Meatless Revolution? Popularity of plant-based proteins is surging

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(CNN) - Meatless products are sizzling hot.

A Meatless Revolution? The popularity of plant-based proteins is surging and it's a taste of what's ahead. | Source: CNN

Sales of plant-based foods grew by 11 percent from 2018 to 2019.

A United Nations report finds that alternatives to meat will grow so much that by 2040, sixty percent of the world's meat likely won't come from slaughtered animals.

Impossible Foods is seeing so much success that it's working on fake bacon in the same month that it unveiled its pig-free pork.

"It's made from soy protein, coconut fat, sunflower oil as well as our secret or magic ingredient,” said J. Michael Melton, Head of Culinary of Impossible Foods. “As we grow, we're trying to introduce new alternatives in the meat categories so that we can replace animals by the year 2035."

Impossible Foods says demand is so high it's causing a shortage.

As Burger King announced plans to roll out an impossible burger nationally, its competitor, Beyond Meat, is also savoring meaty success. Its strategy: sell plant-based products where meat-eaters are actually shopping.

That means convincing supermarkets to place Beyond Meat products directly in the meat aisle and partnering with fast-food chains like KFC to incorporate Beyond Meat items into their menus.

"You get all the great stuff that's in meat but none of the downside," said Ethan Brown, President, and CEO of Beyond Meat.

Experts say demand is fueled by consumers looking to make their diets healthier and reduce their impact on the environment without sacrificing taste.

"We absolutely only categorically only care about meat-eaters," Pat Brown, Founder & CEO of Impossible Foods.

Meanwhile, Ikea is also jumping into the meatless revolution. It's developing a new meatless meatball that tastes like real meat.

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