A New Fire Station Comes to the Tioga Community

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - Saturday morning, firefighters and residents in the Tioga area celebrated a new addition to the community.


“We had our grand opening for station number four,” Alpine Volunteer Fire Department Chief, David Corley said.

Corley and the Alpine Volunteer Fire Department felt the need to add a fire station to the Tioga community, and he believes that the new station will help with their response time.

“It definitely helps us meet the needs of the community,” Corley said. “We are centrally located now, so we are able to make quick responses.”

If the department continues to expand at this rate the community could see a lower fire rating, and ultimately help residents save money.

“That’s to be determined,” Corley said. “We are actually getting rated in October of this year, so we’ll see how it turns out.”

Regardless of the community’s rating, residents say they’re happy to have the station close by.

“It is wonderful to have this sense of security,” Rapides Parish resident, Allison Plunk said. “Knowing that you have first responders and firefighters in our neighborhood.”

The icing on the cake came when the new station announced its name. The department believed it would be fitting to name the station after Board President, Charles Petrus.

“I’m honored and really surprised too,” Petrus responded.

Petrus received the honor after 50 years of dedication, putting his life on the line to keep the community safe.

The department says they still need more firefighters, and they urge anyone interested in becoming a firefighter to stop by the station and grab an application.

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