A new flag pole added to the Central Louisiana Veterans Cemetery

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Central Louisiana Veterans Cemetery has a new addition to its site: a new flag pole.

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As a way to commemorate Flag Day, the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, or CVMA, raised the flag Friday afternoon, while remembering what red, white, and blue means to them.

The cemetery was established in February of 2012, and most people wondered why there wasn't a flag pole in sight.

So, to fix that problem, CVMA decided to place one in the front entrance of the cemetery.

Ronald Crist, also known as “Warlock” with the association, said the flag pole was placed right in the front so that it can be seen by drivers traveling in either direction.

"I knew the big flag was at the ceremony place back in the back where they do the honors and everything,” Warlock explained. “But as far as being up front, in the view of everybody, knowing that this was a Veterans cemetery, I don't know why it wasn't done, in the beginning, but it's done now."

Money was raised for the flagpole project during the 2017 annual Eagle Run hosted by CMVA. Their goal is to continue benefiting veterans around the state.

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