AEX continues business as usual during COVID-19 pandemic

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing, airports are taking a hard hit.

Source: KALB

Some people are taking advantage of cheap flights right now, but many others are canceling trips because of fear. And the reduction in flight schedules is causing airline stocks to plunge.

England Airpark Executive Director, Sandra McQuain, says it's business as usual over at AEX. But, they're staying on high alert and following CDC guidelines. “We've taken some additional steps to make sure we're cleaning all the public areas much more frequently. Wiping down handrails on the escalators or the buttons in the elevators and seating…”

McQuain also says that AEX hasn’t seen a reduction in flights compared to airports in larger cities. And they haven’t had to make any changes or cancellations to recent flight schedules at this time.

Even if you're not letting the Coronavirus stop you from taking that trip you've been planning, you still need to follow basic safety measures like washing your hands and avoiding close contact with people who may be sick.

Along with that, if you are traveling, give yourself some extra time because there's a chance that you'll be screened at the airport.

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