AMMS students star in 'Alexandria', a play about unity

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Alexandria Middle Magnet's theater department have been hard at work on an original play all about their hometown, rightfully named 'Alexandria'.

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Tuesday night students put on the production and hoped to get across a deeper message to their audience.

The play was a mixture of song, dance, and comedy. But, the main goal was to talk about how to fix problems around the City of Alexandria.

Characters in the play show how to come together no matter the differences.

"Even though, we all come from all kinds of different places, different strokes, different generations," said former AMMS student Jibril Harris. "We can still come together and fix our city because that is what we have to care about."

The play was written and directed by AMMS teacher Robert Hall. Hall also acted in the play.

Students said they wanted their audience to get the message.

"Because there is a lot of crime going on and we are just trying to find a solution on how to fix it," said eighth-grader Maria Neal. "It is kind of funny because we get off topic a lot. We kind of talk about each other and that is the comedy part of it."

Admission was $5 and will go back into funding school activities.

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