AP Exclusive: Probe prompts soul-searching across NCAA hoops

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(AP) - The federal corruption scandal enveloping college basketball has led more than two dozen prominent schools to review their programs and triggered uncomfortable soul-searching among the institutions at the heart of the sport.

The future is at stake for a business that will produce $19.6 billion in TV money over the span of 22 years ending in 2032 for the NCAA Tournament, known to the public simply as March Madness.

The Associated Press asked 84 top basketball school and six conferences about their response to the arrests that upended college hoops just before its new season. More than two dozen schools say they responded to the bribery scandal by conducting internal reviews of their compliance operations.

Of 63 schools that responded, 28 told the AP that the probe prompted internal reviews. So did the Pac-12, which formed a task force to examine issues of recruiting.

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