APD corporal, who made allegations against Alexandria mayor that he was later cleared of, terminated

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Corporal Alan Stokes of the Alexandria Police Department, who filed a police report back in May alleging that he was publicly intimidated by Mayor Jacques Roy during a phone call related to the selection of the city's next police chief, has been terminated. Roy was cleared of the accusations by the Louisiana Supreme Court and Third Circuit Court of Appeal back in June and July.

Roy and police Chief Jerrod King addressed the matter on Wednesday at a weekly briefing. King said the termination happened last week.

"There are some things that happened that, I don't care if it was the mayor or any citizen in this city, that were unacceptable," said King. "I don't care who it involves. Some people are going to say it's because of the mayor. There are certain things that are unacceptable as a professional police agency that I wouldn't have as the chief of police."

Stokes was also the police representative for the Civil Service Board. After Stokes initially filed the report, councilmen Ed Larvadain, Jules Green, and Joe Fuller called for Roy to step down.

In June, the Third Circuit Court of Appeal sided with the City of Alexandria and Roy, granting a writ, and writing that Rapides Parish Judge Monique Rauls erred when she granted a temporary restraining order that halted Stokes from having to take a second polygraph after the city released information that Stokes had failed a first polygraph. The state Supreme Court backed up the Third Circuit's decision.

"What was stated about me by Cpl. Stokes was false - provably so, conclusively so, and was just absolutely inappropriate for a police officer to do especially in 2018 given how much we depend on someone's word on the documents they sign are true and the reports they cause to be made are true and the things they swear under oath to are true," Roy said at his Wednesday briefing.

Roy also said that he normally wouldn't bring up personnel matter publicly, but the matter became public when the councilmen brought it forward. Roy said that the three councilmen have never apologized to him.

"I have stated before that no threat was made," said Roy. "He admits that. That's in the record that no threat of job or anything else was made."