APSO detective visits science class for special presentation on DNA

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BUNKIE, La. (KALB) - The Avoyelles Parish Sheriff's Office paid a special visit to the seventh grade science class at St. Anthony School in Bunkie Friday morning for a special presentation.


The class is currently studying about DNA, so Det. Jeremiah Honea walked students through the process of collecting DNA at crime scenes, explaining what DNA is and just how crucial it is for identifying a suspect.

"Today we talked about the different aspects of DNA as applied to law enforcement, talked about how to collect the DNA, what we can us the DNA for and how we have it analyzed," said Det. Honea.
To add to the presentation, Honea also gave demonstrations on how DNA is collected and even allowed students a chance to get in on the action.

They teamed up in pairs, swabbing each other's DNA and collecting samples from their own desks.

Teacher Mona Joffrion says it's a great way to use community resources to teach kids about the subject first-hand.

"We're actually, right now, in our lab working on creating a strand of DNA, and we're also creating a complementary strand of protein,ā€ said Joffrion. ā€œAnd since we've been studying DNA for the past week and a half, we thought it would be great as a resource, because we have so many great resources out here, to invite the Sheriff's Department and the Bunkie Police Department to talk to us about fingerprinting and DNA and its collection."

Meanwhile, Sheriff Doug Anderson said part of the reason his office wants to do work like this is in schools is because it could serve as inspiration for the next generation of crime investigators.

"Some of these kids may go on to do something in science, medicine or even police work, and this can help them in the future," Anderson said.

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