APSO practices active shooter scenarios at Bunkie High

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BUNKIE, La. (KALB) - Classes are just around the corner for students, but law enforcement in Avoyelles Parish went back a little early.

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The Sheriff's Office was at Bunkie High School on Thursday morning it was for their annual refresher course in active shooter scenarios.

It involves teams of officers either surrounding the outside or entering the school building where other officers and school employees are portraying shooters. The officers have to find and apprehend the suspects, or take them down.

The sheriff and school board members said this is great training to stay prepared for any situation that could happen at schools, but they hope they never have to use it.

"The importance of doing this is to make sure if something should happen, we'll be ready,” said Sheriff Doug Anderson. “We'll know how to react. And it's not something you just use at a school. You can use it at any major public building. It's great, great training."

"We certainly thank Sheriff Anderson and his department for coming and conducting these drills to try and make sure if ever an event like this should happen, we'll be ready for it," added Van Kojis, APSB District 8.

APSO will be running these scenarios at other schools as well, the next one on the list is the charter school in Mansura.

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