Abraham responds to President Trump's alleged vulgar statement

Official Photo for Ralph Abraham

WASHINGTON (Congressman Ralph Abraham) - Congressman Ralph Abraham, M.D., R-Alto, issued the following response to President Trump's alleged vulgar statement:

"I wasn’t at the meeting, so I take the President at his word when he says he didn’t use the vulgar language that’s been reported. Speaking as someone who has been to many impoverished nations - including Haiti where I performed countless medical procedures in the wake of the earthquake - I can say that the people are wonderful, but many times their governments are corrupt. These officials take advantage of our generosity while the people we’re trying to help continue to suffer as a result. The President is right in that we should take a different approach to the way the US offers assistance because right now we’re just subsidizing corruption.

"It seems to me the only people claiming the President used that language are the Democrats, who seem more willing to fight for blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants than they are for American border security. Almost on cue there’s a controversy in the media to distract from what Republicans want to accomplish - securing our border, ending chain migration and the lottery system, and providing a reasonable pathway for DACA recipients to earn their citizenship the right way. Meanwhile, the Democrats refuse to make any concessions in these talks and would shut the government down and risk critical funding for our military unless they get amnesty for illegal immigrants. That’s an irresponsible and dangerous way to govern. Republicans can’t let the tail wag the dog here; we must stand firm on this issue."

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