After NFL rejects ad AMVETS respond with 'please stand' video

Source: KALB
Source: KALB(KALB)
Published: Feb. 4, 2018 at 9:59 PM CST
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Football isn't for everyone, but the Super Bowl still brings in a wide range of viewers thanks to its famous commercials. However, there's one commercial that didn't play during this year's Super Bowl.

AMVETS, a United States veteran organization, came up with the slogan 'please stand' when they were asked to make an ad for the big game.

But, they tell us the N-F-L rejected the idea, because it was "too political".

So, they made a video ad using the slogan and posted it on their website in response.

News Channel Five spoke to the National Commander Marion Polk about the decision Sunday.

He said after everything that veterans have been through, it's only right that people stand for them.

"You take a soldier that works, he may make $20,000 a year," Polk said. "He fights for our rights, he fights so that we can do what we want to do. Then you take a multimillion dollar player who kneels because he doesn't like something. And we get punished for it. Bottom line, we get punished for it. It's not right. We were just trying to exercise our right to the first amendment, to free speech just like they are. They can protest, we're not protesting. We're just asking the American people to honor the flag, and honor the veterans. It's just the patriotic thing to do. the NFL doesn't think so."

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