Alexandria City Council discusses Johnny Downs demolition, reconstruction process

ALEXANDRIA, LA, (KALB) - The Johnny Downs Sports Complex could soon see some major improvements.

Source: KALB

On Tuesday night, city council members introduced an ordinance amending the current budget to include funds for Johnny Downs' demolition and reconstruction.

Interim Director of Finance David Johnson says $500,000 is being added to the current budget specifically for Johnny Downs improvements. The first payment is expected to include the cost of demolition as well as some of the engineering that will go into redesigning the complex.

Once the demolition process is complete, the city will hire an engineer and the administration will move forward with reconstruction. Demolition is just the beginning of the process. There's no word yet on how long the overall project will take.

At Tuesday's meeting, the ordinance was redirected to the finance committee where it will be discussed in detail at the next council meeting on March 3.

With many of the playable fields now down, Johnson says the administration is working as quickly as possible to fix the problem.

"It's for tournament play for out of towners plus for the play of local teams. It's important to get it back up and running," said Johnson.

Another hot topic item on the agenda Tuesday is how the city plans to refinance $140 million in utility bonds. These bonds, specifically used for the production of electricity, are the way the city borrows money for long-term use. This agenda item was postponed Tuesday and will come up at the next finance committee meeting on March 3.

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