Alexandria City Council meeting could mean change for the city

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Alexandria City Council held a meeting on Tuesday with several items on the agenda, including a couple of motions that could mean change for the city.

Image Source: City of Alexandria

One of them was an ordinance to allow Mayor Hall to work with Watermark LLC on some consulting for possible improvements to the Links on the Bayou golf course.

Another was a resolution to request that the Louisiana DOTD consider installing some traffic control devices at the intersection of Jackson St. and Texas Ave. Councilman Chuck Fowler said that it's not only inconvenient, but can also make it harder to access business on that corner.

"We passed a resolution asking the DOTD to look at the possibility of having a traffic light protected left turn off of Jackson St. onto Texas,” said Fowler. “When you're coming from either way, and you're coming from Cabrini, and you need to go that way, you can't turn left."

Mayor Hall also addressed some recent changes in city administration and thanked those who are filling in some spots temporarily.

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