Alexandria City Council to discuss removal of Confederate statue at Rapides Parish Courthouse

Published: May. 26, 2017 at 12:30 PM CDT
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News Channel 5 has learned in the agenda notes for the Alexandria City Council, there will be a discussion on removing the Confederate statue in front of the Rapides Parish Courthouse during an upcoming meeting on Tuesday, May 30th.

On the Council Agenda, one of the resolutions states:

"Supporting the removal of the Confederate Statue donated to the City of Alexandria by the Daughters of the Confederacy currently located at the Rapides Parish Courthouse."

News Channel 5 also wants to point out that there have been questions about whether or not the statue was donated to the city or not. Here's what we know so far:

Originally, the statue was placed in front of the old Alexandria City Hall in 1914 by the Thomas Overton Moore Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. In 1962, it was moved to the Rapides Parish Courthouse where it still stands today. There is still controversy over who actually owns the statue: the city, the court house, or the Daughters of the Confederacy.

City Council President, Roosevelt Johnson, told us they will work with all government entities in the coming days on the issue of ownership.

"For me as President of the Alexandria City Council is to ask the administration to work with the legal team of the Rapides Parish Police Jury to see who actually owns the statue," said Roosevelt. "That will be the next steps as we look forward to that will take place at Tuesday's council meeting."

We also learned Friday afternoon that Alexandria City Councilman Jules Green (District 3) is the one who requested to put the removal of the Confederate Statue on the agenda. News Channel 5 reached out to Green, but he declined to comment.