Alexandria City Council votes to move forward with outside consultant for city's utilities system

ALEXANDRIA, LA, (KALB) - The Alexandria City Council voted on Tuesday night to move forward with an outside consultant to look at the city's current utilities system.

Source: KALB

At the last city council meeting, council members voted to table an ordinance to hire an outside consulting group to "provide an independent perspective on various strategic options regarding the city's utilities system." After a discussion, the agenda item was referred to the finance committee.

On Tuesday night, the item was passed in committee and later voted on in a four-to-one decision, with council members Jim Villard and Chuck Fowler voting no, and Harry Silver choosing to abstain.

Mayor Jeff Hall says work with Kyte Consulting could take upwards of several months, then requests for proposal will be sent out.

When asked about the potential to sell the utilities system, here's what Mayor Hall had to say:

"That's not accurate. It's probably from their perspective a fair assumption based on what they (the public) heard. But, if they've got any questions about anything, the council as well as the administration, we're open to talking to as many people as we possibly can. But, this is just the beginning phase of the process. This is nothing new. It's been done before, and it's a good model, and we're going to implement it."

Mayor Hall says the system evaluation is no different than what other administrations have done in the past and adds the democratic process worked in Tuesday night's vote.

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