Alexandria Middle Magnet School gets ready for LEAP 2025 test

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ALEXANDRIA, La (KALB) - A pre-celebration pep rally was held at Alexandria Middle Magnet School Friday afternoon.

Photo Source: KALB

Educators hosted the rally for students, getting them excited, even a little hype, as they prepare to take the LEAP 2025 test in just over a week.

Teachers said they know their students are going to do well because they continue to motivate children in relatable ways, teaching them that learning can be fun. It was an entertaining and lively time at the pep rally as students danced, sang, and cheered.

Administrators like Robert Hall, the school's mentor teacher, hoped the event sparked an eagerness for success there at school because the LEAP test is an important one for kids as well as Alexandria Middle Magnet.

"They test in science, social studies, math, and ELA (English Language Arts)," Hall said. “From that, our school receives a score and so we want our students to do the best that they can to reflect all the hard work they've done throughout the year and also the school reflects that as well.”

The results from the LEAP 2025 tests will be used to help teachers identify when students need additional support or more challenging work.

This information is also used to measure how well schools and school systems are helping kids achieve higher expectations.

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