Alexandria Police Department building bonds with local teenagers

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - As a way to strengthen citizen and officer relationships, the Alexandria Police Department designed the Citizens Academy Program.

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The program gives adults ages 21 years and older a chance to take an inside look at how the police department operates.

As a way to expand the program, APD took it a step further, inviting teenagers into its facility.

Through tours and classes, more than 20 teens will spend four hours a day learning exactly how police officers work on July 7-12.

The teens will have exposure to a variety of lessons including opioid addictions, social media dangers, and even crime scene investigation techniques.

APD’s Sergeant Toby Briggs said he hopes that everyone will leave the five-day camp with something beneficial.

"Things happen around the world or nation, where policeman are sometimes at the foot of doing things wrong,” Sgt. Briggs explained. “But at least they get to see what the law enforcement does here, and why we do it and what law says we can and can't do things.”

The next adult Citizen's Academy will be held in October, for more information on how you can register, visit APD’s Facebook page.

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