Alexandria Police SWAT team give blood as retirement present to Lt. Patrick VanDyke

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Lieutenant Patrick VanDyke, the longtime director of the Alexandria Police Department's Police Academy and the commander of its SWAT team has announced his retirement.

Credit: Local 833 Union

VanDyke has been with the police department for 29 years. He put in his two weeks notice last week.

The announcement comes right as the next session of the police academy prepares to begin. There's no word yet on who will take his place as the director or as SWAT commander.

You'll remember VanDyke was Chief Jerrod King's choice for Deputy Chief in September before King was placed on administrative leave at the beginning of January. An official reason for the leave is still unknown.

The mayor did not confirm VanDyke, instead announcing last week that the city wants to eliminate that deputy chief position.

We're told that VanDyke asked his SWAT team to give blood Tuesday as a retirement present and they all showed up in full force.

According to the Local 833 Union, in a Facebook post that had nearly 400 shares, this brings the vacancies up to 30 within the police department.

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