Alexandria Zoo celebrates 10 years of Les Fest

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - If you enjoy visiting the Alexandria Zoo or have never been there, here's an opportunity to learn about it while also supporting it's conservation efforts.

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Les Fest is in its 10th year at the zoo. The adult-only event was named in honor of Les Whitt, a beloved musician and longtime Zoo Director who died in 2008. The festival features live music and top-notch catering from local restaurants. Guests can purchase food and drinks while listening to the sounds of Roddie Romero and The Hub-City All-Stars, a Grammy-nominated band headlining this year's event.

The current Zoo Director Lee Ann Whitt says the city's zoo is admired by fellow zoos around the country. "We were told by a lot of zoo personnel that come from other zoos to visit us that our zoo is a treat for them. They see animals they don't normally see in other these are things that we're proud of," Whitt says.

Funds raised at Les Fest will support animal conservation. Les Whitt was an advocate for conservation and research, and those that had the chance to work with him before his passing remember his fun spirit and love for animals.

"Les was more than a boss, he was a friend," says Zookeeper Rhonda Napier. "It didn't matter if it was personal or work-related, he was always there. He was always the one to listen to you. He put the passion into zoo keeping."

Les Fest is set for Thursday, October 11. Gates open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $30, and available for purchase at the gate.

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