Alexandria Zoo stays ahead of the weather to keep animals warm

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Alexandria Zoo has a big job on their hands to make sure animals are comfortable despite the chilly weather.

Source: KALB

Now, most of the animals at the zoo don't mind these colder conditions. The lions and tigers are rather comfortable. But others, like the tortoises, hide from the chill in caves full of hay.

Exhibits are designed to make animals feel at home in a wide-range of temperatures, and the only animal that had to make a move was the sloth, who finds it more comfortable in the animal clinic.

Of course it's not often we see cold temperatures like this in Louisiana, but zookeepers stay prepared all year to make sure heaters are working well, and there's plenty of hay to stay warm.

"We definitely watch the weather, and we always are trying to stay prepared and ahead of the game,” said Lisa Laskoski, Alexandria Zoo. “We gathered up extra hay, we gathered up spare heaters, we gathered up extra lights, all those things so we are prepared in case anything goes wrong."

The Alexandria Zoo will close if it gets cold enough for the walkways to get slick, but so far they have stayed open.

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