Alexandria councilman sends letter hoping to subpoena the mayor over APD

The Alexandria City Council meets Tuesday to discuss a resolution to investigate the Police Department. Media were not allowed into the chamber due to crowd restrictions during the current pandemic. (Credit: KALB)
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - News Channel 5 is continuing to try to find out why City of Alexandria District 1 Councilman Malcolm Larvadain is wanting to investigate the Alexandria Police Department.

Last week, Larvadain, along with Councilmen Jules Green, Joe Fuller and Gerber Porter voted to investigate the hiring, firing, and disciplinary practices at the department - as well as its organizational structure.

We called Larvadain several times, but he won't elaborate on why he's calling for the investigation. Friday morning, he referred us to Mayor Jeff Hall for more questions.

Two letters we obtained may give us some background as to why Larvadain wants to do this. Larvadain submitted one letter to the mayor on May 4 and one to Green on Thursday.

In the first letter, Larvadain told the mayor he's conducting an investigation, he also requested the mayor to create a list of every individual in the police department, including Chief Jerrod King, who could speak on the topic. Larvadain requested the investigation start on May 26. He also told the mayor, "If any designated individual needs to be formally subpoenaed," to let him know "immediately."

Since police officers are protected by civil service, there's a chance that they won't appear.

Larvadain also submitted a letter on Thursday, this time to council President Jules Green. He requested that Green subpoena the mayor to produce on May 28 that same information. Specifically, Larvadain has asked for disciplinary records dating back to January 2018, the "racial makeup" of the officers who were disciplined, "organizational charts" breaking down demographics of officers, and a list of officers who have been placed on administrative leave and the "reason for doing so."

There's no word yet if that meeting on May 26 or the May 28 will actually happen.

We reached out to the mayor's office for an interview about Larvadain's call for an investigation, and we were told he's not available Friday, but they will look into it.

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