Alexandria police academy hopefuls take fitness test to try to become cadets

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - About 35 hopefuls met officers from the Alexandria Police Department at the Alexandria Senior High School track Monday morning in hopes of gaining a spot as a cadet in the next police academy.

About 35 hopefuls take a fitness test to try to become cadets for the Alexandria Police Department in the next police academy. (Source: KALB)

It has been a dream for Heather Scarborough of Pineville for years to become a police officer.

"I went in the military when I was younger and I always wanted to be a cop when I got out, but I was never old enough," she said.

On Monday, she took some of the first steps to making that dream a reality.

"Moving home, two kids later, finally settled down. I can finally go into law enforcement," said Scarborough.

She's one of about 35 potential hires for the Alexandria Police Department taking a physical fitness test. It's one of the intial stages to becoming a cadet in the police academy this summer.

Matthew Frost of Pineville wants the job too.

"I've been wanting to join the Alexandria Police Department because they're a great agency," he said. "They have proven to be good. They do their job better than most in some places. They present a lot of opportunities to everybody."

The potential hires met three officers from the department out at ASH for the test.

"Today is the beginning stages of the hiring process for the August Alexandria Regional Police Academy," said Capt. Bruce Fairbanks, who helps oversee the hiring process. "These potential cadets are running a mile and a half for time. They're doing push ups and sit ups for time as well."

Out of this group, about or seven could be selected to join.

"We have several that we think could fit the mold, however the process is lengthy," said Capt. Fairbanks. "There are a lot of tests to be taken in the future. Hopefully, we'll get them all."

Their success here is based on a number of factors, mainly what is required for their age group and gender.

Darnice Briggs of Pineville thinks he did pretty well and he has his fingers crossed.

"It would be a dream come true," he said.

Scores will be evaluated and the department will reach out to those who made it to the next step in the coming weeks.

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