Alternate routes for Alexandria roundabout construction

ALEXANDRIA, La. (COA) - In coordination with the Louisiana Department of Transportation’s scheduled close of the four-way intersection of Jackson Street, Horseshoe Drive, Twin Bridges Road and Lodi Road, the City of Alexandria has announced local alternate routes.

Source: City of Alexandria

The closure of the streets is slated to begin Monday, March 2, and is expected to last until July for the construction of a roundabout. In the interim, drivers will need to take alternative routes. To decrease traffic congestion, motorists are advised to avoid the construction area as much as possible. For those needing to travel in the area, detours will be marked. Also, a temporary four-way stop will be placed on Jackson Street at the intersection of Camille Street.

Drivers seeking to go from Jackson Street to Twin Bridges Road can turn onto either Versailles Boulevard or Maureen Street and then turn onto Bruyninckx Drive to reach Twin Bridges. Those on Twin Bridges wanting to get to Jackson Street would use the same route, taking Bruyninckx Drive to either Maureen Street or Versailles Boulevard.

Drivers needing to go between Jackson Street and Horseshoe Drive can detour through Cherokee Village using Camille Street and Navaho Trail.

A map outlining various options and including turn-by-turn directions for suggested routes can be seen above.

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