American Reading Company host literacy summit

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Instilling the importance of literacy in children at a very young age is the mission of the American Reading Company.


Leaders from 15 parishes that have adopted the ARC program attended a leader’s conference on Thursday evening to learn more about how they can improve the knowledge of their students.

They also shared how the ARC program has affected the culture of reading in their schools already.

Many of them said their students' reading skills have improved tremendously.

Tiffany Burney, a director at Linwood Public Charter School in Shreveport, was proud to announce the progression of her students.

"We ended the school year with 92% of our kindergarten students being able to read on grade level as they transition to the next year,” she said.

The ARC program not only focuses on students who are below grade level, but they also support students who are on grade level to address all the standards that they need, as well as kids who are reading above.

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