Anacoco High School receives national recognition for high academic performance

Anacoco High School receives national recognition for high academic performance. (Source: KALB)

Anacoco, LA. (KALB) After a long 9 month application process, Anacoco High School is now one of 7 schools in the state to receive a Blue Ribbon Award..a national recognition for high performance over the years.

News Channel 5's Lydia Magallanes stopped by the school earlier today to speak with faculty and staff about the honor.

Anacoco High school has a tradition of academic excellence, as their motto reads, and they have the numbers to prove it.

"We've been an 'A' school since the labeling began in 1999, so we're really proud of that," said Towanda Willrodt, Anacoco's principal as she pointed to a sign bearing the words "A tradition of academic excellence."

This year, faculty and students have something else to be proud of: national recognition for Anacoco's high performance through the years. The school is one of 7 in Louisiana and some 3 hundred across the country to be awarded a Blue Ribbon by the U.S. Department of Education.

"We've had tremendous leadership, awesome teachers," said Assistant Principal Cindy Teasley, who helped wade through paperwork after the school was nominated for a Blue Ribbon award in January. "Our personnel is just fabulous as far as sharing the vision of wanting students to be succesful. The commrodrie here working together to make sure that all of our students are not just college ready but career and life ready."

On average, teachers at AHS have 20 years of experience. Teasley says that adds to Anacoco's legacy of excellence.

"The faculty here about 47 percent are alumni, they graduated from here they went on to get degrees so they could come back and add to the community."

And maintaing that legacy wouldn't be possible without teachers like Judy Weisgerber a 40 year educator.

"I retired in 2000, this is my second time coming back so I think once a teacher always a teacher!" said Weisgerber.

Weisgerber teaches business education and is a career coach at AHS.

"I try to make sure that all of our seniors graduate and that they have a little idea of where they want to go, what they want to do. One of the most important things that I can do is to prepare them for real life and the classes that I teach allow me to do that," added Weisgerber.

After 17 years of being a grade 'A' school, Anacoco is honored to be recognized nationally. But the Blue Ribbon Award only affirms what the school and community have known all along.

Korie Kreps, a Junior at Anacoco High says "They push us really hard. We have really great teachers and the faculty, the staff, everyone here is so amazing."