Practicing mindfulness and health with Tai Chi

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice you might have heard of as it gains popularity in parts of the U.S. Now, the opportunity to learn is right here in central Louisiana thanks to Paul Nettles.


Nettles began teaching free of charge, outside on the Alexandria levee to improve his own practice seven years ago. The program has grown and he decided to officially open The Levee Tai Chi School. He partners with Lux Studios in the downtown Holiday Inn, Rapides Regional Hospital and the Alexandria Museum of Art to bring learning opportunities to anyone interested in the activity promoting overall strength and well-being.

"You say 'Tai Chi.' They go, 'What? Is that the old people in the park doing the thing?'” Said Nettles. “Yeah, that's what Tai Chi is. Qigong is the same way. It's not tough. It's not scary. It's very simple. It just takes practice and time and patience, and can be very rewarding-- immensely rewarding."

Nettles also offers private lessons. You can find all the details about classes and benefits on his Facebook page called The Levee Tai Chi School.

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