Annual Easter fest, Pockin' on the Bayou, kicks off in Cottonport

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COTTONPORT, La. (KALB) - With Easter just a day away, the town of Cottonport gathered for its annual holiday celebration. For nearly 60 years the community gets together for Pockin' on the Bayou.

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It’s coordinated by the Women's Commission and includes an Easter egg hunt, eating contests, food and craft vendors and of course the pockin' competition.

That's when folks bring their best eggs, from various types of birds, and see whose is the strongest when you knock them together.

One of the creators of the event, Pappy Juneau, passed away a few months ago. The town honored his family. They said it's humbling to see his legacy continue.

"He was such a character about the Easter Festival in Cottonport,” expressed Sharon Lemoine Juneau, Pappy’s wife. “He loved it, and he loved dying the eggs, and testing the eggs. He tested thousands of eggs every year. Pappy would love to be here, but he's in a better place now. He's pockin' eggs in heaven I’m sure."

Mayor Scotty Scott and the Women's Commission even donated a plaque to the family in honor of Pappy.

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