Another bout of bad weather for midweek.

Published: May. 2, 2017 at 5:24 PM CDT
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SEVERE WEATHER RETURNS to central Louisiana for midweek thanks to a strong disturbance aloft in the jet stream and a warm front at the surface.

THREAT LEVEL...Significant. Severe storms will be scattered but warnings and watches will be needed. Enhanced events are possible.

THREATS...All modes of severe are possible. I expect discrete supercells to be possible during the afternoon and evening followed by a squall line in the late evening and early night as the cold front moves through. Hail, strong wind, tornadoes, frequent lightning, and torrential rain are all possible. Enhanced events such as winds in excess of 70 mph may occur along with the potential for tornadoes to reach EF2 or EF3 intensity.

RAINFALL...General amounts will reach 1-3 inches with potential to 4-6 inches. Once again, very high rainfall rates will occur with storms. It is possible 2-4 inches could occur in one hour and/or 4+ inches in 2-3 hours. This may prompt flash flooding at susceptible locations and lead to flooding of streets and underpasses.

TIMING...Noon Wednesday through 1 AM Thursday.

RESPONSE...Monitor your sources for weather information. Take warnings seriously. Check on friends, neighbors, and family. Your First Alert Storm Center will be open for business.