As election dust settles, lawmakers and experts analyze what went right for GOP

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - The dust is still settling from the general election, and people are still discussing what went right and wrong. The GOP was able to retain its majority in the Senate, and many are giving credit to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Senator Wicker (R-MS) says the GOP candidates set themselves head and shoulders above their opponents.

"It was very close at the end, and several states fell our way," said Senator Roger Wicker, Chairman of the Committee.

The GOP had a net loss of two seats in the Senate, but they were projected to lose more. Wicker is relieved.

"We would like to have won them all, and there were some disappointments, but it’s that way in every game and in every fight," said Wicker.

The Nevada and New Hampshire results were disappointing for Wicker and company, but overall, he says his party ran good campaigns and had better candidates.

"I’m proud of all the people who worked so hard, and it is hard work," said Wicker. "And now, we have hard work ahead of us."

David Hawkings from CQ Roll Call says Senator Wicker did have a role to play in getting colleagues re-elected. But, he says their fates really laid in the hands of Donald Trump.

"Trump won Pennsylvania, Trump won Wisconsin, and I think there’s no denying that Trump ended up having some kind of effect on how those Senate races played out," said Hawkings.

He says Trump was not solely responsible for fending off the Democrats. He says the Democrats themselves share the blame for their losses, by not addressing the concerns of many Americans.

"Will they be able to recalibrate their message to do OK in 2018? Way too early to tell," said Hawkings. "They have lots and lots of decisions to make in the next couple of months."

Hawkings says the Democrats will have 25 Senate seats up for grabs in 2018, and it will not be easy keeping them all blue.

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