Authorities searching for suspect in Winnfield shooting spree

WINNFIELD, La. (Winnfield Police) - One man was left in critical condition following a shooting that occurred in Winnfield over the weekend.

Charles Davis, Jr. & Marcus Davis | Credit to Images: Winnfield Police Department

On Saturday, Charles Davis, Jr was taken into custody and now police are asking for help to find Marcus Davis, who they believe is still in the Winnfield area.

The first shooting occurred early Saturday morning at the Maplewood Apartments on South Jones Street in Winnfield. Witnesses heard six gunshots, and police were later notified of a gunshot victim at the emergency room.

This is the sixth shooting in the city since July and Winnfield police said that's a concern.

"We've had six known shooting incidents since July 15th, three resulted in injuries so we're just fearful that it's only a matter of time until we have a death from this type of violence,” said Lt. Charles Curry with the Winnfield Police Department.

The Fire Marshal's Office is now investigating a vehicle fire that also happened Saturday morning in Winnfield.

At this point, Winnfield Police are not connecting that fire with the shootings.

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