Authorities seeking information on suspect who stole two pressure washers


PINEVILLE, La. (Crimestoppers) - Authorities are seeking information on a suspect who claimed to be working for a local business and stole two pressure washers from American Chemical.

A suspect had ordered a pressure washer via phone in June, claiming to be an employee of a local business owner. American Chemical gave him a loaner washer in the meantime.

When the new pressure washer came in, American Chemical called and advised him it was ready. On July 6, around 11:47 a.m., a white male entered American Chemical to pick up the washer. He had said on the phone that he would return the loaner when he came in to pay.

When American Chemical called the number, there was no answer. They found the correct number to the local business, and the man who answered said that no orders had been placed by the company.

Anyone with any information on this case is asked to contact local authorities.

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