Avoyelles Coroner Dr. L.J. Mayeaux retires

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AVOYELLES PARISH, La. (KALB) - After 39 years in the coroner's office, Avoyelles Parish Coroner Dr. L.J. Mayeaux is retiring from his position and will not seek re-election this season.

Dr. L.J. Mayeaux | Photo Source: KALB

After practicing in family medicine for some time, Dr. F.P. Bordelon, the Avoyelles Coroner at the time, asked Mayeaux to serve as assistant coroner. He held that position from 1980 until taking over as head medical officer in 1991, where he stayed for an additional 28 years.

Now, Dr. James Bordelon, Sr. will take over as coroner in March as he is the only qualifying candidate.

"I think it's going to be a seamless transition with Dr. Bordelon,” said Mayeaux. “He's energetic, young. It's been a great, 39 years being coroner. We've had some very interesting cases when it comes to the medical and legal aspects. And our success rate has been absolutely unbelievable."

Dr. Mayeaux will continue to be a consultant with Dr. Bordelon. He's also the medical director of All Saints Hospice and plans on devoting more time to that as well.

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