Avoyelles Hospital dispels rumors of Coronavirus case

Courtesy: Avoyelles Hospital

MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - With today's concerns over COVID-19, it doesn't take long for a community to start hearing about rumors of cases.

KALB received several inquiries about a possible case of Coronavirus at Avoyelles Hospital in Marksville.

We talked with CEO Tim Curry, who did confirm a patient was brought to the hospital this week, with what turned out to be the flu.

Curry said the patient was displaying some symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Out of an abundance of caution, the hospital put the patient in contact isolation and contacted the Centers for Disease Control, who instructed the hospital to swab the patient and send them the sample.

However, before the swab was tested by the CDC, the patient's test results for flu came back positive.

"We don't have Coronavirus down here," Curry said. "I'd rather us be over-cautious than under-cautious. We want to make sure our employees are taken care of and that our patients are being treated appropriately."

Curry said Avoyelles Hospital is well-prepared to deal with COVID-19. The hospital staff has been coordinating with state health officials to be properly educated on what to watch for and how to respond.

"We're prepared and more than prepared," he said.

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