Avoyelles Parish 4-H Junior Livestock Showcase

MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - The Avoyelles Parish 4-H Junior Livestock Show started Friday Jan. 17, and wrapped up Saturday Jan. 18, in Marksville. More than 80 exhibitors participated showing off different livestock including rabbits, chickens, swine, and cows.


The 4-H club focuses on youth development of leadership skills through agriculture, health, science, and community engagement. The event was a chance for club members to apply what they've learned all year. Family members attended to support the members.

Monique Mayeux is the assistant 4-H agent for youth development for Avoyelles Parish. Mayeux said being a member is more than raising animals or other skills like home economics.

“I love 4-H, our 4-H members learn by doing, our 4-H members learn communication skills and leadership skills,” Mayeux said. “This is not just animals, it’s not just sewing you know those things.”

“4-H is growing our kids and is so important to our community.”

This year the Avoyelles Parish School Board helped to improve the event by preparing the facility.

“It's great it teaches kids responsibility and just the overall sense of well-being,” Chris Lacour said, a district three school board member. “It makes some smart well rounded kids with all of the programs they give to the kids and opportunities they provide for them.”

Student members were proud and excited to share what the experience meant to them. Weston Lacombe attended the event said his father taught him about hog keeping, and his favorite part is spending family time at the shows.

“It teaches you not to always play on video games, and to see what is more than just staying inside it,” Lacombe said.

“It teaches you responsibility and respect.”

Student ambassadors participated by guiding younger members through the showcasing process.

“4-H is a very fun and educational experience. I would tell them to join us now, because in the future, you're going to need those educational skills,” Avoyelles Public Charter School student ambassador Joseph Hayes said. “Everything you've learned throughout the years of your senior year. It’s going to help you big time when you get into college.”

Carson Duncan attends Avoyelles Public Charter School and is also a member of 4-H. Duncan said his older brother got him involved, but he would encourage his friends to do so as well.

“It's just something good to do, to get out the house, and it's just something really nice,” Duncan said.

Another student ambassador was Abigail Deloache, who attends LaSas high school.

“It's a good learning experience,” Deloache said. “I've learned lots of skills and especially being an ambassador, and how to help younger youth, but I think it's a good way to get younger kids involved in the public.”

Mayeux said parents help to make it a success by attending the showcase and guiding 4-H members.

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