‘Baby Shark’ could help save lives, as middle schoolers learn to perform CPR to song

To help students at Chief Joseph Middle School relate to their lesson on hands-only CPR, the Richland Fire Department used the song “Baby Shark” to keep everyone on the proper beat. (Source: KAPP/CNN)

RICHLAND, Wash. (KAPP/CNN) - To inspire middle school students to learn CPR, a Washington state fire department is using the catchy and popular tune “Baby Shark” as a means of making sure chest compressions stay on beat.

Nearly 180 eighth grade students at Chief Joseph Middle School were a part of the first class for the Richland Fire Department’s Heart Safe initiative. The goal of the program is to teach citizens how to properly perform hands-only CPR.

To help the students relate to their lesson, the department used the song “Baby Shark” to help everyone stay at the proper beat during CPR. Students practiced on either a mannequin or foam cube. The cube would light up if compressions were done properly at a consistent rate.

"What we really need to focus our efforts on is public education," firefighter Josh Smith said. "What we want to do is not just focus on adults, but we know that these sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students have the strength and have what it takes to do hands-only CPR."

Smith hopes to expand the new program in order to teach all middle and high school students how to give someone CPR when their life depends on it.

For those who may not know the song “Baby Shark,” the department recommends doing chest compressions to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees.

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