Baby Yoda toys available for pre-order

Disney's store lists Baby Yoda toys, but they won't be ready in time for Christmas. | Source: Disney / Mattel via CNN

(CNN) - Available for pre-order, baby Yoda now is.

Disney's online store is accepting orders for new toys featuring the character, including an 11-inch plush doll and two bobbleheads. Just don't expect them in time for "Life Day" or Christmas. The products won't ship until spring.

Baby Yoda is a nickname fans gave the break-out character "The Mandalorian." He took the internet by storm last month. Fans where left wondering why toys featuring such an obviously marketable "Star Wars" character weren't immediately available.

Series creator Jon Favreau says he wanted him to be a surprise and couldn't risk any leaks that could come from merchandising lead times.

Baby Yoda's official name is "The Child." It hasn't been revealed yet if he is related to the original Yoda.

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