'Bear Hunting' takes over Cenla for parents, kids

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Communities around the nation are coming up with creative ways to entertain all the kids out of school right now, and “bear hunting” is the latest way to join in on some fun.

Source: Pixabay via MGN

People in various neighborhoods around Cenla are putting stuffed bears in their windows so that families out on walks or bike rides can hunt for them while getting some exercise and fresh air. It's a great way to have some family time while practicing social distancing. It also gives kids a chance to practice their math skills by keeping a “bear count”. No one knows exactly who started the activity, but it's believed to be inspired by a children's book called Going on a Bear Hunt.

Parents can find out where to take their kids bear hunting by joining the Bear Hunting Cenla Facebook Page. As of Thursday morning, it already has nearly 600 members.

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