Bloomberg says unlike other candidates he's prepared to take on Pres. Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) - Michael Bloomberg says none of the other candidates in the Democratic primary field had answers when asked in last week’s debate why they’re better prepared than he is to take on President Donald Trump.

Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg | Source: AP Photo / Carlos Osorio

“No, I didn’t plant it,” Bloomberg joked while campaigning Wednesday in Nashville to mark the first day of early voting in Tennessee.

The billionaire former New York City mayor didn’t mention any of his rivals by name. But he says he has “workable and achievable plans” and knows how to get the work done. He said he could provide health insurance to everyone by building on “Obamacare” and without massive tax increases.

That’s a clear distinction with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary and has championed “Medicare for All.” Sanders has built his campaign around criticizing billionaires.

Bloomberg also said he can build the broadest coalition possible to beat Pres. Trump. He was introduced by Columbia, South Carolina, Mayor Steve Benjamin even though he’s not running in that state’s primary.

Bloomberg says there’s nothing “that Trump can do or say that can hurt me.”

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