Bolton Avenue Community Center will remain open for evacuees

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Bolton Avenue Community Center in Alexandria will remain open for evacuees until they can return home, or stay at a shelter closer to their home.

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The center opened Wednesday to prepare for 250 people. They have provided services to 25 evacuees.

Volunteers said food, drinks and basic necessities will be provided.

Joe Norton, the shelter's manager, said the shelter will stay open as long it’s needed.

“As long as we have somebody that has a need, we'll be open," Norton explained. "We're offering obviously the shelter, a place to stay, a cot, three meals a day, breakfast might be warm milk, cereal, hot meals."

Norton also added that service animals are the only pets allowed as of now.

Any other pets can be taken to the Alexandria Animal Shelter.

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