Book written with the help of Alexandria woman used for Investigation Discovery series

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - A non-fiction book, “Familiar Evil,” written by Rannah Gray with the help of Alexandria paralegal Mary Jane Marcantel, centers on the crimes of a television show host in Baton Rouge and is now part of a new television series making its national debut Thursday night.

Alexandria paralegal Mary Jane Marcantel | Photo Courtesy: Mary Jane Marcantel

The book focuses on the investigation of the crimes of Scott Rogers, a man accused but never convicted of sexual abuse in England in 1993, who later moved to Baton Rouge, where he became a foster and adoptive parent and respected public figure in the area, but allegedly continued to commit crimes against children.

An English man who knew of Rogers' crimes and had connections with one of his victims reached out to Gray and worked with her and Marcantel to expose Rogers’ crimes even after his death.

Now, Investigation Discovery Channel has chosen to create an episode in its newest series “Lies that Bind” based on the discoveries and stories told in Gray's book.

"He did a lot of things in the community to put himself out there and to ingratiate himself," said Marcantel. "He was doing that not because he wanted to do it as a good citizen. He was doing it because he wanted to get access to children."

The premiere episode airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

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