CBD oil now available in Alexandria

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - CBD is now on the shelves of an Alexandria pharmacy.

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This comes five months after medical marijuana hit the shelves of nine Louisiana dispensaries including the Medicine Cabinet on Bolton Avenue in Alexandria.

As of Monday, The Pill Box on Jackson Street began selling pure CBD oil.

Unlike the medical marijuana that sells at the Medicine Cabinet, those who are interested do not have to get a doctor's recommendation or prescription.

The over-the-counter product is in the form of tinctures and is available in different flavors such as natural blackberry and vanilla. The oil also comes in different strengths which includes a 500 mg or a 1,000 mg strength bottle.

Jessica Bordelon, Pharmacist in charge at the Pill Box, explained that while CBD and medical marijuana are different products. Those products can help people in the same way.

“I'm wanting to target those patients that are candidates that may be struggling with those conditions,” Bordelon said. “If they are suffering from a chronic pain condition or an inflammatory condition such as arthritis, anyone with anxiety or depression, those are the patients that could benefit from this if they come and see me.”

The Medicine Cabinet also received the oil and will begin selling Thursday morning.

Insurance does not cover CBD oil. As of now, the 500 mg strength oil is $59.99, and the 1,000 mg strength bottle is $99.99 for 30-milliliter bottles.

Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid ID is eligible for the product.

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