Cenla Grinch; Christmas decorations stolen from homes in Alexandria

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Christmas is just around the corner, and of course that means families are decorating their homes to match the holiday spirit. But as it turns out, we have a Grinch in Central Louisiana.

Source: KALB

Multiple families living in neighborhoods in west Alexandria have turned to social media with videos, pictures, and complaints about an apparent thief taking off with their decorations.

"He parked over there, he walked across the yard, and he was very, very careful,” said Garrett Corley, West Pointe resident. “He took the wreath off, and made sure wreath hanger didn't hit the door to make any noise."

Corley never thought he'd wake up in the morning to find his decorations were stolen in the middle of the night.

"It wasn't an expensive item, but it makes me feel violated that someone came on to my property," said Corley.

He said the worst part was having his young family in the home.

"You know, I have a child that sleeps 30 feet from that door,” explained Corley. “To me that's the biggest thing."

He wasn't the only one. Just a couple of streets over another home was hit.

These homeowners chose to remain anonymous, but they do have surveillance video showing a person coming up to their home and taking off with their wreath.

We were given a copy to the video. We had to blur the face of the person shown because no police report has been made, meaning the person isn't wanted for any crimes.

A neighbor of this home tells us this video has been shared more than 300 times on social media.

"People have cameras and there's Facebook and groups for it so whenever something like this happens people get together and check their cameras and we found out it happened other places,” said Adam Rhoads, West Pointe resident. “So hopefully it can stop people from doing it in the first place."

But the Alexandria Police said while social media is helping to spread the word, the best thing to do is to report the thefts.

"Even if nothing comes out of that one, if yours is in the same area and linked to other crimes, then yours may help solve somebody else's," said Det. Wade Bourgeois, APD.

In the meantime, some of the neighbors have replaced the stolen items and even bumped up their security all to make sure this Grinch doesn't ruin Christmas.

"We're watching, and if he does it again and somebody catches him, there's going to be two possible outcomes and neither of them are good,” said Corley. ”I think it's a lot that he's risking to steal a Christmas wreath."

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