Cenla residents, police react to digital wallet app

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BALL, La. (KALB) - Last week, we brought you the story of an app that lets you have a digital copy of your license. LA Wallet is open to the public, and has all your information with just the click of a button.

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We heard what the creators had to say about it, but we were interested to know what the people who might run into it the most would think. One person in particular was Ball Police Chief Marshall Deen, who is a fan of the idea.

"It could be a good thing," said Ball Police Chief Marshall Deen. "Just like you can have your insurance on your phone, you can have your license on your phone."

He said it’s especially nice on the days when he forgets his hard copy.

"I know I've walked out of my house without my wallet,” said Chief Deen. “I don't have my license, I have it on my phone."

But just down the road, Ball resident Ronnie Jenkins had quite the opposite opinion.

"I probably wouldn't get it because us old people, we have a tendency to leave our phones at home,” laughed Jenkins. “We don't always have our phones, but we always have our wallets. We make sure we've got that."

He does admit he likes the idea to an extent.

"It might make it better for some people,” explained Jenkins. “They've got all kind of information on their phone, when they need it they just push a button and it's there."

But he still prefers the traditional way, especially with certain concerns.

"When you get stopped, sometimes they take your license,” said Jenkins. “So if you got it on your cell phone, what are you going to do?"

But Chief Deen explained that he encourages his officers to write down a license number rather than take the phone. And he said some of the reason police would need to take an ID are covered in the app.

"If your license is expired you're not going to be able to pull it up on your phone,” explained Chief Deen. “If you're license gets suspended you're not going to be able to pull it up on your phone."

But even the Chief has a concern or two.

"Is it still going to load if you don't have good service on your phone," asked Chief Deen.

But the creators said once the license is set up on the app, it will display even in spotty reception. So Chief Deen is excited to put it to use.

"I would still ask everyone to carry a copy if they can remember to carry a copy,” said Chief Deen. “But if they forget it, they have this as an alternative."

As for Jenkins, it may not be for him. But he still thinks it'll be handy for many people to come.

"It's a generational thing I think,” expressed Jenkins. “But that's just the way the world's going right now."

If you'd like to know a little more about how LA Wallet works, check out the attached link.

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