Cenla schools prepped for coronavirus

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - More cases of the coronavirus are popping up around the United States. There are currently no known cases in Louisiana, but local schools are taking preventative measures and making game plans just in case.

Source: KALB

The LSUA, Louisiana College and Northwestern State University campus in Natchitoches are all staying on top of the pandemic.

"Our goal for educating is to stay ahead of the issue," said NSU's Director of Health Services, Carla Walker. The university has created internal messaging for students, faculty and staff to receive updates and developments on the virus.

At LSUA, a trip to China for student ambassadors was planned for this summer and that's been canceled. They're also keeping students updated on the virus, along with sending out reminders about preventative measures. One of those measures being something as simple as washing your hands.

In a statement from Louisiana College, President Rick Brewer says the college has a plan of action to continue classes online if things ever got to that point.

Schools around the United States are also taking those same preventative measures and getting plans in place. But, there's only so much that can be done while studies are still being conducted on the virus.

Dr. David Holcombe, Regional Director of the Region 6 Office of Public Health, says, "There's no vaccine and there's no treatment and so that's scary to people. But we don't really know the severity of illness or how many people that get it actually get really sick, we don't really know that, and we don't really know how transmissible it is."

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