Central Louisiana spotlighted at 'Cenla Day at the Capitol'

BATON ROUGE, La. (KALB) - As the state legislative session is nearing its final stretch, Central Louisiana stakeholders and elected officials met at the capitol on Wednesday for "Cenla Day at the Capitol."

Photo Source: KALB

Groups like the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce, Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance along with area mayors and stakeholders heard from the governor and local lawmakers about issues facing the area and state.

"People need to understand with the hoopla and the differences sometimes between our delegation we understand and we know our delegation at the end of the day for the most part on the same page for the best reasons and we need to respect that sometimes," said Mayor Clarence Fields, City of Pineville.

"More than anything else, it's more important for us to come out and for them to see us," said Mayor Jeff Hall, City of Alexandria. "As a previous legislator, you get to see people here at the epicenter understanding a lot better what's going on that's a lot more complicated situation to explain in five words or less at home. So there are people that are actually here viewing some of the committee meetings, seeing some of the activity and dialogue."

The group was also recognized on the house and senate floor and ended the day with a reception.

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