APD Chief Jerrod King reinstated as chief of police

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Alexandria Police Department's Chief of Police Jerrod King will be reinstated to his position by Mayor Jeff Hall this Thursday after being placed on administrative leave on Jan. 3.

Alexandria Police Chief Jerrod King. (Source: KALB)

The City of Alexandria never publicly announced why Chief King was placed on leave until now. They say it all stemmed from a violation of the city’s social media policy.

In a request from News Channel Five, the city responded with this statement from Mayor Jeff Hall:

“The Chief and I had a great conversation earlier this week and as far as I’m concerned, this matter is behind us.”

Mayor Hall stated the city will not provide any further comment on this matter.

Interim Chief of Police Farrell Gaspard, who served as assistant chief, is set to retire.

Chief King has been with the Alexandria Police Department since 1996. During his time at the department, he has worked in the patrol, community police, traffic/DWI task force, street crimes, and the police department's training academy.

Chief King became chief of police in Nov. 2018 after being appointed by Mayor Jacques Roy as he prepared to leave office. Chief King went through a roughly year-long process which saw 14 applicants from around the state.

Of the 14 candidates, only 10 took the required civil service exam, and eight of the 10 passed with a score of 75% or higher. King received the highest score, 96%. From there, he had extensive interviews with a selection committee before ultimately being confirmed by Mayor Roy.

Chief King released this statement via a city hall press release on Tuesday evening concerning this situation:

“I understand my violation, and I apologize for the disruption it caused in our community and police department,” Chief King said. “Every APD officer is expected to know and follow all of the city’s rules and protocols. As Police Chief, I believe I should set the standard and be an example for our officers. I tell our officers everyday, we’re not perfect. We will all make mistakes. Even leaders. But we learn from those mistakes and come back stronger from the experience. I appreciate the support I have received from my fellow APD officers and from the community. And I appreciate the support I have received from Mayor Hall and his confidence in my ability to learn and grow from this. I am looking forward to working with the Mayor, getting back to work and doing everything I can to ensure the safety of Alexandria and its citizens.”

Chief King stated he will not comment any further on this matter.

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