Christian film 'I Can Only Imagine' drawing crowds

Published: Mar. 23, 2018 at 12:03 PM CDT
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“I Can Only Imagine,” a famous Christian song, has inspired a movie that shares the same name, message and popularity.

The film tells the story of songwriter Bart Millard, who said it’s a story of hope.

“No one is out of the reach of Christ,” said Millard. “If people walk away with that kind of hope, then we've done our job."

The $7 million budget film brought in over $17 million in its first weekend. According to employees at The Grand Theater, it was a popular choice in Alexandria too.

"We found out yesterday it rose up to number two at the box office,” said Erwin, on Thursday. “Past Tomb Raider today, and we're going into 600 more theaters this weekend."

Many fans of the song said they were looking forward to seeing the story behind it, and their reviews have been good.

"I’m just in awe of the movie,” said movie-goer Sandra Lemoine. “Everyone needs to come see it. It will touch your heart.”

The touching story isn’t the only reason Americans are heading to the theater. Many believe this film is part of a movement, and Erwin agrees.

“I think right now we are standing up in mass and we're saying we want quality entertainment too,” said Erwin. “You show up at the theater and you see this film, Hollywood is paying attention. So you have a powerful voice right now. Use it."